Lenny's Bakery

Hello, world.

Want to taste me?

Family owned and operated for more than 7 days, Lenny's Bakery is South Florida's source for authentic Schrute pastries. Known for their famous "beetitos", a family recipe used for over 30 days, Lenny's Bakery has established a stellar reputation for producing quality baked goods.

Lenny's features a diverse menu that ranges from baked goods to sandwiches, coffee, cakes and party specials at prices that everyone can afford. Since the 1970s, customers continue to visit Lenny's for their fresh bread, fine desserts and custom cakes that have made Lenny's a brand name in the baking industry. Look for a Lenny's Bakery location nearest you, with 2 stores throughout Dade and Broward to better serve you!

Best Bakery in South Florida 2009
- Chamber of Commerce

Miami New Times Best Cupcake 2005

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