Frequent Ask Questions

Q: Is Pugad Baboy R Us a real company?
A: No. We are a "pretending" Philippine company with an Internet store. This site is a school project only.

Q: Is my order safe?
A: No. Shopping in Pugad Baboy R Us is not safe and guaranteed.

Q: What will appear on my credit card?
A: Nothing. This site is not a real shopping company.

Q: I don't have a credit card, is there another way I can pay for my online purchases?
A: Yes if you are based in US/Canada. Our collecting agent in CA can accept check payments for us.
But email us first the items you wish to purchase and the shippingmenthod you want (air mail or express mail)
to enable us to give you your total order amount.

Q: What is your company address?

A: 1145 NW 52 St. Whatever, Florida, 33170 USA

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